PG’s Giraffe Jokes Page

Giraffe Jokes

PG’s Giraffe Jokes Page

Property Giraffe is growing fast…  And not just his long neck!!

When you’re adding so much content and jokes and tips each day, sometimes it’s easy to make a mistake.  This is why, your feedback means so much to us. If you want to share a project, or ask a question, share a tip, or suggest something we should include on PG’s website please contact us!  And if you’ve got some more jokes for us, please make sure they’re better than the one about the “Giraffe-ic jam”!

And now… And I speak for all of the editorial team when I say this…  The real reason PG created this website in the first place.  PG’s Giraffe Jokes Page.  Enjoy!

HINT:  They don’t get any better!

Q: What do you get when two giraffes collide? Answer…

This is only the start!

Q: Why did the teenage giraffe get poor GCSEs?

Answer: He had his head in the clouds.

Q: What’s green and hangs from trees? Answer: Giraffe snot.

Did that nice giraffe really just say that? Gross!

Q: What do you call a princess giraffe?

A: Your Royal High-ness.

Q: What do you get if you cross a giraffe with a policeman?


Answer:  BUSTED!!!

                                        I mean, the Long-arm of the Law !

Q: What’s the difference between a tractor and a giraffe?

I get the joke… I just wish I didn’t…

Answer: One has hydraulics and the other has high bollocks.

Q: What do you get when you cross a giraffe with a hedgehog?

Answer: A twelve-foot toothbrush

Trust us. You need a good tooth brush with all these leaves to eat.

Q: Why are giraffes so slow to admit they’re wrong?

Answer: It takes them a long time to swallow their pride.

Was that from a Christmas cracker? It was, wasn’t it?

Q: What do giraffes have that no one else has? A: Baby giraffes!


Q: Why don’t giraffes do drugs?

No… I said they DON’T do drugs. Honest

Answer: Because they’re naturally high!


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